Exposure to a project management tool in the past will definitely create a buzz while using ViduPM. It is a One-Stop solution for all the businesses, digital marketing companies, software development, and SEO/IT services.

 From managing own tasks to staying on top of the client communication and from client reporting to invoicing, ViduPM has got you covered.

 Here, I am going to describe the importance of using ViduPM for your business.

 Benefits of ViduPM

  • It’s absolutely free for two projects.
  • Unlimited team members can be added in your free plan.
  • You will get a lot of integrations  at one place at the same price!
  • Easy to use.


How to Use ViduPM

1) Create Project

First, create your account. Once you’ve accomplished that step and successfully created a ViduPM profile, then you’ll be creating a project. Click Project from the left menu bar and then click on Add Project button located on the right-hand side of the screen. Fill all the details as per the Project requirements and click “Create Project” button to successfully create your project.


2) Create Task

After you created a project, you can begin creating your to-do list. Divide your project in task, subtask and create it.

You can create unlimited tasks or subtasks under one project. Even you can assign all the responsible team members their task(s) then and there.

Steps to create task

  • Go to task page and click “Add Tasklist”. You need to create the task-list first.
  • And then fill all the required details and click “Save Tasklist”.
  • Further, click “Add Task” and fill the required details. Here, you can describe the task and can attach the files if any for better understanding among the team members.
  • You can also connect the task with targets/milestones. You only need to create the milestone and then attach it to the task.


 3) Add Team

 You cannot work alone on a project. To grow a business you need a team, you need your team members to work on your project to share your burden.

Steps to Create Team

  • Click “Project Team” on the left panel.
  • Now click “Add Team” and search the already added team members by searching the company name or by the name of team member and click “Add Selected Users” to add that selected team member to your project team.
  • You can also add a new person to your team by clicking “Add New User” and fill all the required details and click “Add User” to successfully add that person to your project team.


4) Add Client

The customer is an important asset for a business. To convert your customer into the client, you need to build trust. For this, you can trust ViduPM as it gives you the facility to connect with your client with the project and this client can view the real-time progress of the project.

 Steps to add your client in the project

  • Click “Client” from the top menu bar.
  • Now click “Add Client”.
  • Fill all the required details and click “Save” to successfully save the details of the clients.


5) Generate Reports

Use ViduPM Reports to increase your work wavelength. It consists of regular data collection, communication, record keeping, etc. ViduPM is not limited to one or two reports. It provides you several options like Project User Time Log, User Time Log, User Workload Report, Google Analytic Report, Link Manager Report and much more!

 These reports will help you on each and every step detailing the project performance, your team performance, etc.

6) Invoice

Everybody knows that billing software is an important aspect of a business; ViduPM also knows the fact and brings a separate Invoice module for its users.

You can easily create, store and send these invoices to your clients directly from ViduPM.

 Steps to create invoice

  • Click “Billing” from the top menu bar.
  • Click “Add Invoice” and fill all the required details.
  • Click “Save and Preview” and check the preview of an invoice and click “Send invoice” to successfully send that invoice to your client.
  • This invoice will be received by the customer in their email box.


Now it’s your turn to try ViduPM!