Password Manager

Creating a strong password and remembering that password is a tough task; doing it for every login id on various portals or tools is a tedious thing unless you use a Password Manager.

This is where ViduPM Password Manager comes to your rescue. It helps you store and manage passwords corresponding to various web addresses. Not to mention, amount of time and effort it saves and lets you narrow down your focus on other important activities.

Add Password

1. Click on SEO Tool Category from the left panel

2. Select “Passwords” and then click “Add password” button.

3. Fill in the required details and Click on ‘Save’

Note: Project select window will only appear in case you are not working on any project.


Password Management Tools

Edit Password

Allows you to make changes to ‘Update Site Record’.

Delete Password

Click on delete and confirm with a ‘Yes’ to successfully delete the password.


To add a Bookmark to the password click that Star Icon. By this, the important passwords can be separated and easy to find out.

This will help you in sorting passwords in the future.


Switch Project

This will help in Switching or Searching a Project to scroll to different projects. You can select a Project from the list to switch as shown in the picture for reference.