Link Manager is a comprehensive link building management and database tool. ViduPM link keeps your link building campaign more organized and less tedious. It will be very fruitful in analysis with easy import and export of link data.



SEO/SMO Tools > Link Manager > Select Project

Steps to Add/Manage Links

1. The first step of any link building process is to ‘Add Campaign’

2. To add a campaign, Click on ‘Add Campaign’ button


3. Link Monitoring Settings window is displayed



4. Select Monitoring Settings and enter Campaign Url

5. Select suitable options

6. Click ‘Check Links Status’ tab to select the type of links for which monitoring is to be carried out


7. Click on ‘Save’ button to Add Campaign

8. Once the campaign is created, campaign details are visible in the Link Manager section


9. To ‘Add Links’, ViduPM provides the user with a feature to add a group of links together (Excel Import) or to add links individually.


I. To add a Link to the help of Excel, import a file

1. Download a sample Excel file to get an overview of details needed to be filled in Excel file

2. Fill all the required details in corresponding Excel file and save it

3. Click ‘Select File’ on to the top right margin and choose Excel file to be uploaded


4. Once Uploaded, click on ‘Save Import File’

5. Links in Excel file will be uploaded along with their details


6. Overall link counts and status of uploaded links would be visible on top of the Link Manager page


II. To Add Link via + Link

1. Click on ‘Add Link’ on top right margin


2) Enter the details in the General tab

3) Enter description and contact

4) Click on save corresponding link


Manage Links/Back Links

Update Campaign:

1) Click on ‘Update Link’ and update Monitoring/Link status settings

2) Select details to be updated and Click on ‘Update to Save Changes’


Link Management


Edit Link


Click on Edit Link at rightmost part of link detail row.


Update details of the link. Click on ‘Save’ to make changes.


Delete Link

Select corresponding link/links and click on ‘Delete’ button


Click on delete to remove them completely from link manager database.


Active Link:

Select link/links and Click on

button to change their status to the active state.


Monitors the current link status of a backlink based on Monitoring setting and frequency.

1) Select link/links to be monitored

2) Click on the button to monitor the current status of link/links

Note: Links can be refreshed based on Monitoring settings i.e. (Individual/all and Frequency-daily/weekly/monthly).


Link Report gives you the ability to efficiently manage and gain visibility of all links/backlinks associated with the project.

ViduPM enables the user to have access to 2 types of link reports:

1) Excel Report

2) PDF Report

Note: To download Excel report, click on Excel report, it will download at your default download location.

Steps to download PDF report:

1) Click on pdf report

2) Enter date of creation

3) Select the status of links you want in the pdf report

4) Enter the heading you want it to be displayed on the report

5) Click on generate to download pdf report