One of the most important parts of any Project management activity is time tracking.

Time Log is a time tracking feature of ViduPM which keeps track of time against activities performed. Time Log provides a clear picture of Tasks performed.

  • Time/man-hours spent on Tasks
  • Users involved in Tasks
  • Status of Tasks
  • Performance snapshot of a Project

Invoicing as per the number of man-hours utilized


Time Log section enables users to log time against the tasks they worked on or were part off.

Time Log page is subdivided into 2 parts:

  • Time Log Details
  • Time Log Summary


Add LogTime

ViduPM provides the user with 2 ways to log time:

  • LogTime option
  • Timer option


LogTime option

1. Click on Time Log section in Project menu

2. Click on LogTime

3. Enter date with Start and End time i.e duration of work on the task

4. Select the checkbox if Time Log will be billable

5. A user can write details of activity performed in detail box

6. To select the task, first select task list from the drop down of which it is part of

7. Select the task from a drop down once task list is selected and Click on LogTime

8. Confirmation message displayed, “Time Logged Successfully”


Timer Option

1. Click on Start Timer. The real-time timer would appear on the left bottom corner of the screen

2. Time would start when the user clicks on ‘Start Timer’

3. Select Billable if intended logged time is Billable

4. Click on ‘Log This Time’. Select ‘Yes’ in Timer Confirmation pop up

5. ‘Add New Timelog’ window appears with Start and End Time (Timer duration) recorded by the timer

6. Enter details of activity performed in detail box

7. To select the Task, first select TaskList of which it is a part of from the drop-down.

8. Select the Task from the drop-down once TaskList is selected and Click on LogTime

9. Confirmation Message – “Time Logged Successfully” will be displayed


Note 1: Minimum 1 minute of Logged Time is needed for a user to log time using the Timer feature

Note 2: User can continue to work on other Project activities by minimizing the Timer window

LogTime Summary

Displays overall time logged to date along with Billable and Non-Billable logged time.


Manage Time Log

Search Time Log – Enable user to search for a Time Log

Steps to search for Time Log details:

1) Enter Date From and Date To details for which user requires Time Log record

2) Select username to search for specific User TimeLog or All to search for all Users TimeLog

3) Select Ascending/Descending to display records

4) Click on Search, Time Log records would be displayed (if any)

5) The User Time Log record is a table which shows details of time logged like:

a). User against whom time is logged

b). Description

c). Tasklist

d). Start and End date of task activity

e). Billable and Non-billable status

f). The total duration of time logged


Steps to search for Time Log details:

  • Search for the corresponding TimeLog entry to be updated
  • Click on Edit/Update tool at rightmost part of Time Log record


Update TimeLog

1) Search for the corresponding TimeLog entry to be updated

2) Click on Edit/Update tool at the rightmost corner of Time Log record

3) Update record and Click on LogTime, new time entry will be saved


Delete TimeLog

1) Search for the corresponding TimeLog entry

2) Click on Delete tool at rightmost corner of TimeLog record

3) Click Yes when asked to confirm delete Time Log

Note 1: A User has rights to Create/Update/Delete only its own Time Log.

Note 2: Timer can be paused and restarted.