SEO management and the implementation of organic Search Engine Optimization is not an easy nut to crack and due to the sheer volume of tasks involved from keyword research and management to building your website’s structure, prioritizing content, and measuring results.

Being able to streamline and in some cases automate those tasks can provide you with specific, inexpensive traffic sources that will bring you excellent results. This is what exactly ViduPM is all about.

Key aspects of ViduPM

1) Directs your organic SEO efforts

2) Automates some of those efforts

3) Gives you real and testing information

4) Manage your SEO Assets

5) Prioritize your content to move forward

6) One tool that provides a solution for a solo entrepreneur or a multi-national enterprise

7) Social media management, from publishing to monitoring, including reports and team collaboration features


Before you start managing things and allocate your valuable (and limited) resources, you need to know the progress path. ViduPM helps you to take the correct course of action.

By providing a set of management tools that can be leveraged to provide you with SEO/SMO management insights.