Running short of time, while creating a project for team members in the ViduPM?

Check this amazing feature “Quick Add” and save your time.

This feature is introduced to reduce the long processes in the ViduPM while working on projects.

Check out the image and know what you can easily access with the Quick Add feature.




1) Add Task

Easily “Add Task” from “Quick Add” on a single pop-up selecting the Project Name, Task-List Name and filling all the other necessary data.



2) Add File

Upload your files directly from “Add File” option available in the “Quick Add” button.

Just select Project and fill the required details about the project if you want, and hit “Save” to successfully upload the file.

3) Add Message

Add message directly in just one click.

Go to Quick Add > select Add Message > fill the mandatory details and click Save.

It saves time and effort.


 4) Add Timelog

You can manually add your time log with the Quick Add button also.

Go to Quick Add > Select Add Timelog and the pop-up will occur. Fill all the required details and hit “Log Time” to easily and quickly save the time log.

5) Start Timer

Do not need to go to the Project Page and then to Start Timer to record your work time.

Just Select “Quick Add” than Project and click Start Timer to successfully start your time record.


6) Add Password

 You can also save and store password from the “Quick Add”.

Select your Project Name, URL and other mandatory fields as shown in the image below and select “Save” to successfully save the password in the project.