A project without a Team is an empty vessel i.e. it has no existence. The team may comprise of users from Site Owner, Company (Owned) or Clients’ Company.

This section will help in adding and managing Project Team.


Project Team page is sub-divided into :

  • Project Team Detail
  • Project Users Summary

Project Team Details

Lets you add and manage Project Team

Add Team- Enables Admin/Project Admin/Site Owner/User (with rights to manage user) to Add Users.


To Add Users

1) Click on ‘Add Team’. ‘Add Team Member’ window opens

2) Search users you want to add, either by Company or Name

3) Select the checkbox corresponding to those users and click on ‘Add Selected Users’

4) Added User will be displayed under Project Team along with Client name

Note: Users (Admin/Project Admin/Site Owner/User (with rights to manage user) have rights to ‘Add New User’ to the Company, directly from Add Team

Manage Project Team
This feature is used to change permission (Project Activities) of User or remove User from the Team.

Remove User
This option removes the user from the corresponding Project.

Change Permission
Enables Project permissions to be customized as per user.

1) Click on Change Permission at rightmost corner of the corresponding user

2) Provide permissions by selecting checkbox corresponding to the type of permissions


3) In order to make a ‘User’ Project admin, select the check box corresponding to it

4) Click on Update

Note 1: Only Company Admin/Site Owner/Project Admin can change the permission of other users.

Note 2: Company Admin/Site Owner cannot change their own permissions.


Manage Project Team

1) Click on ‘Remove User’

2) ‘Remove User’ dialog box opens; select Yes/No if you want to replace all Roles, Responsibilities, and Privacy of the User to be transferred to other User of the same project


Project Users Summary

Displays overall Users associated with the Project