A place where you bring together and summarize your thinking, process, and creation that helped you to complete your product. A project report conducts a profound roadmap for the effectual venture.

ViduPM Project Report is the formal record of the entire process you undertook to complete your Project. It helps User to Analyze the performance and formulate further action plans.

To Access Project Report, Click on Project Report in Project menu.


ViduPM Project Report comprises of two stages:

  • Project Level Report
  • User Level Report


Project Level Report

Gives your enterprise the ability to better manage and gain visibility into all stages of Company’s Projects.


  • It is a tabular record of all the Users of a Project
  • Records Tasks of all members
  • Records Milestone of all members
  • Time Logged by members against Tasks
  • Download Report – Click on ‘Save as PDF’


User Level Report


The report will give you details in a summarized way for all the activities a particular user was part of in the Project. To be precise, it is an individual’s Project activity record.


To access User Level Project record:

  • Click on Project menu, go to Project Report
  • A tabular record (Project Level Report) of all Project members would be visible
  • To access a particular User Report, Click on that particular User Name (project member) on the table
  • You will be redirected to a specific user activities record which is called as User Level Report.

User Level Report comprises of:


a) Tabular Record of Tasks

b) Tabular Record of Time logged

To download User Level Report, Click on ‘Save as PDF’

Note: Only Site Owner/Company Admin/Project Admin has rights to access Project reports.