Every Project comprises certain Milestones which represents the completion of certain goals within deadlines.

Milestones reflect the status of your Project’s progress.

Milestone section is divided among two sub-sections:

1. Milestone Details

2. Milestone Summary

Milestone Details

Assists user to manage existing Milestones or add new Milestones.

Milestones are grouped on the basis of Timelines i.e.

  • Upcoming: Milestones set for future Timeline/due date
  • Overdue: Milestones whose Timeline/due date is over but are still not completed
  • Completed: Milestone which has been completed

  • Due Today: Scheduled for today to complete


Add New Milestone

Click on Add Milestone

1) It includes mandatory details such as milestone name and due date


2) Ownership and Privacy of Milestone is set to Everyone by default

3) To change Ownership and Privacy

  • Click on respective dropdowns
  • Select the name of the Project Members (could be of same or different Client/Company) and click on ‘Done’

Ownership: User is responsible to complete a particular Milestone.

If a user is assigned Ownership Rights in a Milestone, he/she will be able to see that particular milestone irrespective of privacy status in that Milestone.

  • Privacy- Visibility of particular Milestone to particular User
  • Everyone- Visible to everyone
  • Myself- Visible to only me

4) Click on ‘Save’ to create/update the Milestones

5) Milestone will be visible in particular section(Upcoming/Overdue/Due Today) based on the due dates given

6) Once created, Milestone along with tools (Edit/Delete/Comment/Attach to tasklist) and Owner would be visible

Note 1: Milestone created can be located under any of the sections i.e Upcoming/Overdue/Due Today based on due dates provided

Note 2: A User can see a particular task list only if they are part of the Privacy list

Note 3: Site/Company Owner, Company Admin, Project Admin has default rights to see a task list and hence are not visible on Privacy list

Manage Milestones

  • Edit
  • Delete
  • Comment
  • Attach to a task list



1) Find Milestone to be updated in among 4 sections (Upcoming/Overdue/Completed/Due Today)

Steps to Edit Milestone

1) Click on ‘Edit’ link to open ‘Update Milestone’ window

2) Edit details and Click on ‘Update’ to save changes


Click on ‘Delete’ link to Delete a particular milestone

Note: Milestone once deleted cannot be recovered back and gets detached from Tasklist (if attached earlier)


To add a comment on a Milestone

1) Click on ‘Comment’, type your comments and click on ‘Save and Send’

2) Count near Milestone Name will display the number of comments mentioned on a particular Milestone

Manage existing comments on Milestones

1) Click on ‘Count’ near Milestone Name to display existing comments

To add more comments either Click on ‘Count’ and type your comments or Click on the Comment link.


To attach Tasklist

1) Click on ‘Attach Tasklist’ and select tasklist from drop down

2) Tasklist once attached is displayed just below tools

3) You can attach multiple task lists to a particular Milestone

4) To detach, click on ‘Detach’ link in front of attached tasklist

Milestone Summary

Shows total Milestones in a Project along with their status