This section helps to manage your profile details and mail notifications.


  • Click on Profile Name/Profile photograph on a top right panel of ViduPM account.

My Profile

It helps in managing all the information of the account holder.

Information panel comprises of basic information along with image upload feature along with other particulars.


A user can Edit/Update information and click on ‘Update Profile’ button to save changes.


My Status

  • Click on Status in drop down of Everything Tab, Click on Update Status icon on the name card in the pop-up window.
  • Enter your new status and Click on Update.


My Dashboard



  • User Roles
  • Project details
  • Mail notification settings


User Roles

User’s current roles & responsibilities in the Company are displayed on top of the page along with username and Company/Application name.


Project Details

Overall Tasks, Projects, Milestones associated with the Company are displayed.


Mail Notification Settings

It is the epicenter of all the notifications. A user can change settings to control notifications for specific events.


Change Password

A user can manage password by entering an old password and setting a new password.