Do I need email notifications from ViduPM or I don’t want these email notifications?


Is it just the space consuming service or it somehow benefits me?

Let’s have a look

What if I resume the email notification services

  • I will get regular updates from ViduPM related to the task, messages, overdue task, milestone, file, project creation etc.
  • I don’t have to log-in to the VIduPM instance again and again to update myself related to the project. I will get notifications via emails, if necessary then I will only log-in to it.
  • It will save my lot of time, keeping me in the loop of activities done by my team in the ViduPM.

Still, if I don’t want email notification what I can do?

Solution is here

  • Go to My Dashboard


  • Check-out the Notification Settings. You will find the toggle button in front of options available to switch on and off the email notifications.
  • Select “ON” to continue the email notification services you want and vice-versa select “OFF” to discontinue the email services you don’t want.

NOTE:  Some of the important emails like account creation emails, invoice notification emails still continues whether you stopped your email notification services or not.