Operations that can be performed on messages:

1. Watch

2. Reply

3. Edit



  • Enables user to see the complete message details.
  • Click on eye icon (image) right next to the message.
  • A message window opens, which shows message details and Reply option.


Enables user to Reply on a message.

  • Click on the corresponding message and click on “Add A Reply” button.

  • Type your reply in the editor and click on ‘Save & Send’ button.


Replied message would be displayed below the original message.

Note: To see our reply to a particular message, click on Reply icon.


This option allows the user to Edit existing message.


To edit a reply, click Edit option i.e. eye icon.

Click on Edit, right next to your reply.

Type your reply in the editor and click on Update.

Note: Privacy list- Users can only perform ‘Reply’ and ‘View’ operations in a message

Only sender/Uploader of the message reserves the right to edit the message and not the Privacy list users.

Edit– Option (only for the sender) for a message exists for only 5 mins from the time it was first sent. This is done to save authenticity of the original message. User gets only 5 minutes to edit the Reply message.

After 5 mins, edit option would not be visible either for a message or for a reply.

Replies are accessible only after clicking Reply option, however, user can see the number of replies and the original messages.

Once updated, Privacy list users will only be able to see the updated version of message or reply.

Message Summary- Enables user to get an overview of all the messages along with their category (if they exist).