ViduPM’s inbuilt feature keeps a track of your SEO at one place.

You can also find an awesome integration of Google Analytic app in this software. There are two ways to reach Google Analytics in your project.

One is to click the Project menu, scroll down and search for Google Analytics.

The other one is shown in the image i.e. maneuver mouse on Project, click down-arrow to select Google Analytics in your project and you will get redirected to the page.

Now click the Email button.

Select the email address first to successfully land your Google Analytics record in ViduPM for keeping your record in one place.

By using this option, you need not jump to the other screen to check your daily Google Reports.



Once you click the Email button, you will be re-directed to the page as shown in the image. Add your email address, which gets associated with your Google Analytic and Save it.

ViduPM will always ask for permission to connect with your Google Analytic. Just click on the Allow button.

If in case you select Deny, it will reject permission and ViduPM fails to connect to your Google Analytic page.  Once you choose Allow, ViduPM automatically showcases your project name in ViduPM. Select the one you want to see if choices shown are multiple.



There is a possibility of having more than one project with a single email address.

Need not to worry about that because ViduPM will give you the options to select among them.

Select Campaign and give the name to that campaign accordingly and click Save button.

Once you click Save, a new page will appear showing Project Name, Campaign Name and the URL of the project and graphical representation of the Google Analytical report.

On the top left corner, Select Project and Date buttons are available. From there you can select any project and date range to download reports.


You will see a lot of options in the left panel of the screen like Overview, New v/s Returning, Mobile Devices, Mobile Overview, Browsers and OS, Geo Location, Goals, Exit page, All Page, Geo Language, Conversions, Engagement, Frequency and Recency, and Reports.
Rank Checker

The image shown is of the Rank Checker option which works like the Google Webmaster.

Rank Checker is available in the left panel. Press click and you will get the image as shown on the left side.

Pen down your email address and click Add email button.

Once the email address is added, fill the details of the webmaster account or select from the drop-down arrow, then associated website will automatically connect to the VIduPM and appears on the screen. Click on Add New Account button.



The image clearly specifies the details of your project in ViduPM.

You can see the list of Queries, Impressions, Clicks, CTR and Average rank of the website.

Queries include three things