Based on rights and access privileges, ViduPM users are divided among:

1. Site/Company Owner

  •  Possesses all rights pertaining to Company, client and project management.
  • Has rights to set/remove permissions for other Company user/users

2. Admin

  • Assigned by Site Owner
  • Possesses equal rights as of Site Owner
  • Permissions can only be altered by Site Owner

3.Project Admin

  • Assigned by Site Owner or Company Admin
  • Have all rights pertaining to a specific project or set of projects
  • Permissions can only be altered by Site Owner or Company Admin

4. User

All users other than Site Owner, Company Admin and Project Admin are called as Users

  • Assigned by Site Owner or Company Admin
  • Have only basic rights pertaining to any project unless assigned any other role
  • Permissions can only be altered by Site Owner or Company Admin or Project Admin

This Section will assist you to add/manage new or existing users. It’s divided into 2 parts:

a) User Detail Page

b) Users Summary


a) User Detail Page
This part of the User page comprises of User and corresponding managing tools. It comprises of:

  • Username – Arranged in alphabetic order by default
  • User email id – EmailAddress of the user mentioned by User
  • User management tools – To manage user details

Users page allows you to add a new user and manage the existing ones.

Add a new user:

  • Procedures to add a new user

  • Click on Add User button to top right margin.
  • A pop-up window opens. Enter details of the user in fields with an asterisk sign which is mandatory.


Note: This can be edited post user account creation.


  • Permission – This tab asks for Permissions which controls User accessibility to certain functionalities of the project he will be associated in future.


# Permissions Status What it means
1 Is this user an administrator? Yes User will have admin rights (will automatically have all rights which an administrator has)
No User
2 Can this user add Projects? Yes Will be able to add Projects
No Won’t be able to add Projects
3 Can this user manage people? Yes Will be able to manage (Add /Edit /Delete) other users
No Won’t be able to manage Projects
4 Gives full access to all automatically Yes Will have access to all future Projects automatically
No Won’t be able to have access to future Projects automatically
5 Gives full access to all automatically Yes Will be able to manage Invoice (Add /Delete /Update)
No Will not be able to manage Invoice

Note: If a user is given admin right (permissions), he/she cannot be removed from the Project they are part of. To restrict them, you need to first curtail access rights by selecting ‘No’ in admin rights management permission.

To know more about each Permissions, hover over “More Link” tag next to it.

Manage Users


Procedures to manage users:

1) Go to User tab under Master

2) If Users are already added you will find Users along with their details displayed on the user page.

3) You can manage each User using manage tools displayed at rightmost corner corresponding to each user

4) To know the functionality of each tool, just hover your mouse over it

5) On a whole, there are 3 types of user management tools visible:

a) Edit

b) Delete

c) Projects

a) Edit

This tool assists you to update all the user details

Steps to edit User details

  • Click on Edit button.
  • Update corresponding user details and Permissions if required and Click on Update button
  • On clicking Update, a pop-up message confirms the change.

b) Delete

To Delete a User from the Account

  • Click on Delete button
  • The confirmation window will open, select Yes to delete


Deleting User operation will have multiple effects

1) Site Owner/Company Admin cannot be deleted

2) user once removed, you can recover back using “user recycle page”

3) Deleted User will no longer be a part of any existing Project, Task, Subtasks, and Milestones

4) All its Project metadata will be removed such as Files, Messages, Time Logs

c) Project

This button shows a list of Projects associated with the user

Steps to manage a list of Projects:

  • Click on Project button
  • A pop window opens displaying Active Project List
  • Checked box shows Project in which the corresponding User is currently part off.
  • If you want the user to be part of the particular project, check the box corresponding to that project and vice-a-versa

User Summary

This section of User page shows a count of users associated with different Clients

Search User

This functionality enables search for a particular user/users

Steps to search user

  • Click on Search Userbox
  • Enter the name of the user and click on search