This section includes instructions to manage your ViduPM account. Once you are logged in to your ViduPM Account, you will find yourself on ViduPM Dashboard Page.

Top Panel

Displays your Company/Application Name

The left panel of your Account contains 3 Macro Project management cum SEO/SMO tools.


ViduPM Dashboard gives you an overview of your ViduPM Account Details

It consists of mainly four panels:

a) Top Panel

b) Right Panel

c) Center Panel

d) Bottom Panel


a) Top Panel- Displays Users, Invoices and Active Clients associated with your account.

b) Right Panel- Displays list of Active Projects under your account.

c) Center Panel- It gives an overview of Total Tasks, Projects, Milestones associated in the form of a Pie Chart

Color  like (Blue, Green, Red, Orange) defines the different status of an activity:

d) Bottom Panel- All the Latest Activities and Todo lists are displayed at the bottom panel of the dashboard.


It is one of the most important section of the tool. It controls major workflow as all the Project management activities revolve around projects.

Project section page is divided into 2 subsections:

1. Project Details

2. Project Summary


Project Details
This section provides insight of Projects wherein account holder is part of. Projects can be added/managed by this section.


Add Projects

  • Click on ‘Add Project’ on the upper right margin of Project detail page

  • Enter all the required project details including Project Name and Features


  • Client Details- In the case of in-house Projects, select Own else Client; select the respective client from drop down
  • Select Project Start and End date which is visible on the left side of the Client Company caption
  • Enter the Payment Terms for the Project
  • Click on Create Project button after filling all the other details

NoteProject timeline (Start and End date) will act as a constraint to tasks, subtasks, milestone, timelines. Once created, Project Name would be visible on the top panel along with Start and End dates (if present).

Manage Projects

Project Detail Page consists of 4 subtabs/subpages


Projects are displayed Clients wise, name wise, date wise and Statuswise on Project Detail Page.

  • Active – Projects in Progress
  • Inactive – Inactive Projects
  • Deleted – Deleted Projects
  • Completed – Completed Projects


Project Summary
This section provides statistical representation of Total Projects associated with the user along with their category.


ViduPM provides a 2-way route to work on your existing Project from Project detail page.

Route 1

  • Click on Corresponding Project you want to work on. You will be redirected to Project Dashboard/Overview Page.

Route 2

  • Hover over the down arrow link corresponding to the project and click on the menu you want to navigate to.


  • Project menu would look something like this

Project Menu consists of

  • Project Dashboard / Overview Page
  • Milestones
  • Tasks
  • Messages
  • Files
  • Time Log
  • Project Team
  • Project Setting
  • Project Report


Features like Task, Milestones, Messages, Files and Time displayed in Project menu are subject to selection during Project Creation.


All features are by default selected in Add Project window.

To Add/Remove Features:
Go to Project Setting and check/uncheck features and click ‘Update’ button of Project setting.