One of the biggest hurdles any business faces today is Tracking and Billing for the services offered. Maintaining multiple customer accounts using multiple tools and managing them accurately has always been complex. Billing feature in ViduPM lets you enable accurate billing for multiple accounts so that you no longer need to juggle up with multiple tools and manually track and bill for services rendered.

   -Send and Recieve invoices and make payments.

    -Improve cash flow by streamlining workflows. 

    -Enhance vendor relations with better access to current, accurate vendor information.

 Invoice/Billing Dashboard section is divided into following 4 panels:


  I) Top Panel

II) Central Panel

III) Bottom Panel

IV) Right Panel

V) Top Panel

The top panel of the Billing section includes


II) Central Panel

The central panel of the Billing section includes

  • Invoice status legends
  • Invoice & revenue graph
  • Graph download widget

III) The right panel of the Billing section includes

  • Total Outstanding invoices
  • Total Received invoices

IV) The bottom panel of the Billing section includes

  • Invoice Activity

1) Currency filter- Filter displays outstanding invoices and expenses made with specific currency

To view invoices and expenses of the particular currency, click on currency filter > select box and select currency.

Note- Currency is displayed in filter only if an invoice/payment is made with that specific currency.

2) Invoice- It is a tabular record of each and every invoice created to date.

Invoice page supports two functionalities

  2.1. Create invoice

  2.2. Manage invoice

2.1 Create Invoice

This process helps the user create a new invoice and send it to the Client or Company

        Steps to create invoice-

  • Click on ‘Add New Invoice’ on invoice page, create invoice page would open
  • Select Client and corresponding currency in which invoice will be created
  • On selecting Client, an invoice table would be displayed at the bottom
  • Enter Project name, notes, Unit price, payment terms and quantity

To Accept Payment in Online mode, click the checkbox and configure Paypal or any other online payment service (e.g. – VISA/Debit) Or uncheck for offline payment Acceptance

  • Enter the Quantity and Taxes (if already present)
  • To create new tax click on Tax box and select New Tax and enter name and rate.


  • To Add more than one taxes click ‘Add New Tax’ and enter name and rate
  • Click on ‘Save’ to update changes and select the newly added taxes
  • Enter discount % and PO number if Applicable.
  • Total Line amount will be displayed under TOTAL column against each project
  • Net Payable Amount after discount and taxes is displayed against the invoice.



  • To create invoice against multiple projects or the same project with different details, click on +Row button Located below line Amount.

  • To cancel any entry, click on delete row right next to line amount in the table

  • Enter the Terms and Conditions, if applicable and click on ‘Save & preview’.


-Once Invoice is drafted it is recorded on invoice page with Draft status with a unique number(eg-      0000059) against it.

-All the details of the drafted invoice are visible along with invoice outstanding amount.


-To send it to a client, click on send tool.

-To Update drafted invoice, click on edit and Update/Update send.

Save & Send- Saves and sends invoices to the intended Client.

  • Once Invoice is saved & sent, it is recorded in invoice page with Sent status with a unique number (e.g. 0000061) against it.
  • All the details of the sent invoice are visible along with invoice outstanding amount.

-To Resend it to the client, click on send tool.

Reset- Resets all the details so that user can enter details afresh

Cancel- Cancels ‘Add New Invoice’ invoice created

Note- Canceled invoices are not saved as drafts

2.2) Manage Invoice


Invoice Management – Simplifies creating, managing, monitoring, and routing purchase orders and invoices.

An invoice table provides a complete record of each invoice along with its status. Invoice tabular records show:

  • Invoice number – ViduPM assigns each created invoice with a unique identity
  • Client Name – Identifies the Client
  • Creation date – Invoice created
  • Total – Total Billed Amount
  • Due Amount – Total Payable/outstanding amount (it may differ from the Total amount in case of partial payments)
  • Status- Invoice status is categorized as:
  • Viewed- If Client has seen the sent invoice
  • Draft- If an invoice is created but not sent
  • Sent- If the invoice is sent to the intended client
  • Paid- If total amount against sent invoice is Paid by the client
  • Partially Paid- If a fraction of total billed amount is paid
  • Disputed- Invoices not agreed by the client
  • Tools- Invoice management tools, enabling better tracking and management of invoices

Some of them are mentioned below:


Send mail

Download invoice

Create invoice copy

Edit—Update Existing invoice

Steps to edit-


  • Click on the invoice from invoice dashboard page
  • Click on edit tool of a corresponding invoice
  • Update details of the invoice and click on Update or Update & send to send an updated invoice
  • Status of invoice would change corresponding to functions performed on it (Update/Update & send)


Note- Invoices with Paid and Partial Paid status cannot be Edited

Send mail- Enables user to send an invoice to the configured client email address

Steps to Send mail


  • Click on the invoice from invoice dashboard page
  • Click on send mail tool corresponding to invoice, confirmation message would be displayed
  • Status of invoice would change to sent on the invoice page


Note- Invoices with Paid status cannot be Recent

Download invoice – Enables users to download invoice to their local directory

Steps to Download

  • Click on the invoice from invoice dashboard page
  • Click on download invoice corresponding to invoice, confirmation message would be displayed

Create invoice copy- Creates a copy of the existing invoice

Steps to copy

  • Click on the invoice from invoice dashboard page
  • Click on copy corresponding to the invoice
  • A duplicate copy of that invoice is created
  • Click on Save as a draft to save it as a draft or Save & send to send it to the intended client

Invoice Filters


ViduPM provides Users with invoice filter feature hence enabling them to narrow down focus on managing the relevant ones.


  • Paid- Displays only paid invoices
  • Unpaid/Partial- Displays only unpaid /partially paid invoices
  • Disputed- Displays only disputed invoices
  • Draft- Displays only Draft/Archived invoices

Invoice Search


  • This section enables the user to Search for invoices
  • Helps manage invoices in case of a humongous number of invoices
  • Enables user to advance filter out specific invoice among a number of invoices


Steps to Search Invoice

  • Click on the invoice in Invoice dashboard page
  • Click on invoice filter on the top right of the page 


  •  Invoice search window opens. Enter the relevant details to narrow down to the specific invoice.


  • Click on search to display the result or reset to re-enter the details
  • Searched invoice (if exist) would be displayed in search results

Note- a Deleted invoice will not be visible in search results

To search Deleted invoices, click on Deleted invoice link on top of the page

  • Delete Invoice- Deletes invoice from Invoice page.

Steps to delete an invoice

  • Select the invoices to be deleted
  •  Click on Delete Invoice button on the top of the invoice page


  • Deleted invoices will be removed from invoice tab and move to deleted invoice tab
  •  To view the deleted invoice, click on deleted invoice tab on top of the page

  • The deleted invoice can be again moved to active or invoice page by clicking undelete tool in deleted tab

  • Active invoices will again migrate to invoice page


Settling invoices is the process of matching payments with invoices. A payment can be a full payment on an invoice, a partial payment, or a payment for several invoices. Payments can also be applied to manually settling an outstanding invoice(s) later.

There are two types of payments recorded in ViduPM: online payments, such as credit card payments, PayPal, and manual or offline payments, for payments via check/cheque, cash, wire transfer, or other means.

When a person pays online, ViduPM automatically records the payment and settles it with the related invoice. If an invoice is paid manually, the payment must be recorded manually and then manually settled to one or more open invoices.

All payments, including payments recorded manually, will be reflected on the Invoices page and Client Panel of Client Profile


Clicking Payment Link on top of invoice dashboard page will redirect the user to ‘Payment’ history page.

Payment History

  • It stores all your payment history for easy confirmation and reference. You can use this feature to track your payments.
  • Depicts the days in which he/she has received payments and when dues have been cleared.
  • Can view payments that have been received and determine which invoices the payment was applied to.
  • Payment history page consists of tabular records of payments done and received and all details related to the same.


Payment history table for the ViduPM user shows

Payment Record Table

  • Invoice no-Against which Payment is done/recorded. The user can see the invoice by clicking on the invoice link.

Given below is an invoice snapshot on clicking invoice link on payment history table.


  • Client name-Client who made the payment
  • Method-Online/Offline mode with the services used(e.g. credit card/PayPal/check/cash)
  • Payment date-date on which payment is done/Updated
  • Total-total amount Paid by Client
  • Management tools-

Edit – To change the method of payment post payment

Note Multiple payment entries against same invoice number can be visible in payment history record table in case of partial payments. Payment once deleted, cannot be recovered back.

Once an invoice is created and sent, the client would receive the invoice in registered mail id. The Client can view and verify the details of the invoice and can choose to pay or raise a dispute against the invoice.

Make Payment functionality

To make Payment Entries in ViduPM case of payment done through other modes.

  •  Click on ” make payment tool ” on view invoice page




  • It will open a pop up with balance payment detail


  • Enter payment details with payment date and internal notes and click on save button it will update payment against that invoice.

Total Payment Received and Invoices recorded on Invoice Dashboard/Billing Page.

Client View Panel

This section provides Client support to view and manage invoices sent to them.


  • Once an invoice is created and sent by a vendor/user Company, the client will receive an invoice on their mail.
  • Client invoice will contain invoice details and outstanding balance amount against Projects. Given below is the snapshot of mailed invoice.


  • The client can view and manage Invoice by clicking “Click Here” link.


  • To pay, the client has to click on the link (only in case of Online Payment option)


  • Click on PayPal or other online payment option will redirect to payment page
  • Once Payment is successful, payment success message will be visible on Client panel, and Payment detail will be recorded in the Payment section of Client Invoice Panel.
Client Invoice Management 
 Clients can directly manage other invoice and payment through the Client View Panel.

Client Panel consists of three sections

  • Client Dashboard
  • Invoice
  • Payment

1) Client Dashboard



Invoice/Billing Dashboard section is divided into 4 panels-

I) Left Panel

II) Central Panel

III) Bottom Panel

IV)Rightmost Panel

The left panel of the Billing section includes

1) Dashboard-To navigate Client Overview /Dashboard Page

2) Invoice



  • View invoice by clicking on corresponding invoice number
  • Download invoice by clicking on download in tools

Invoice Record of Client


View and Manage Payment Record

To make payment for unpaid invoices, click. The Client will be redirected to Unpaid invoice page.

Click on Make Payment corresponding to Invoices to be paid.

II) Central Panel

The central panel of Billing section includes

  • Invoice & earning Graph- Record of Outstanding Invoices and Payments


  • Graph download widget- Print invoice and payments statistical record

III) Bottom Panel

The bottom panel of the Billing section includes


  • Outstanding Total outstanding invoices to be paid
  • Paid invoices- Total payment done against invoices

IV) Rightmost Panel

Rightmost panel of Billing section includes

  • View Client dashboard
  • Invoice Activity

View Client Dashboard– Shows all the Projects of Client under a single vendor/Company

Invoice Activity- Shows all the Activities performed by Client on Invoice (e.g. payment/dispute/paid/partially paid/deletion)

Report- ViduPM Billing Report provides Users with

  • Invoice reports – master/detail reports with billing amounts that print conditionally
  • Total outstanding balance and total payment record
  • Filter and export report client wise and overall report