The event manager is one among many distinguished features which ViduPM provides. We will assist you through the procedures involved in managing events smoothly and precisely.

ViduPM allows you to add/manage events on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

 Steps to add New Event

  • Select the month from the rightmost vertical panel
  • Select the Monthly/Weekly/Daily tab from upper right margin to narrow out event scheduling

  • Click left or right arrow to move between the months
  • Click the corresponding date of the month on the event calendar
  • A pop window would get displayed, enter required details


  • To include or exclude Users to edit Event – Select Users and Check/Uncheck checkbox (People attending can edit Event)
  • You can also set the Privacy of an event i.e. control its visibility to other members of the Project
  • Click on ‘Add Event’ to set up an Event, a corresponding Event would be displayed on the selected date

Steps to Manage Events

  • Find and Click on the corresponding Event you want to Update/Manage


  • Update event details in ‘Update Event’ pop-up window and click on ‘Update Event’
  • To delete existing event, click on a specific event and click on ‘Delete’ in ‘Update Event’ pop window