After so many requests from our valuable customers, we finally made the import of data easier and in just one click from Basecamp.

To start import

 1) Go to “Settings” from the top menu bar.

2) Select: Integrations” and click “Connect”. (Note: Open your basecamp account on the side tab.)

3) After successfully connecting to a Basecamp account.


4) Now go to “Projects” from the left menu bar and click “Import project”.


5) Select the project you want to import and click “Add projects”. To successfully add the projects.



Import Task

 1) Select the project which you imported from basecamp.

2) Now click “Basecamp Task” to successfully import the task.



Import Users Too

When you import user from basecamp to ViduPM always remember ViduPM adds the user but those users will not be project specific.

They will just join the list of the user and saves your time again adding them but you have to assign the responsibilities to the project in the ViduPM again.

To start import:

1) Go to “Users” from the top menu bar.

2) Click “import users” and after successfully selecting the users click “Add users” to successfully import users into ViduPM.



Important Instructions

The project you import in the VIduPM won’t display the activities on your dashboard. It will display the activities once you will start doing it on that project in the ViduPM.