With more of filter options, here we are presenting our new report which will help you in time tracking in the much more efficient way. This report is purely on the basis of the user’s choice.

Steps to Generate Report

1) Go to “Reports” option from the top menu bar and click.

2) Select “Timelog Report” as shown below in the image.


3) You will get three options

  • Customised Timelog Report
  • Project User Timelog
  • User Timelog


4) Select “Customised Timelog Report” and click.


5) You will see a lot many options available on the page. Start with the “Project”. Select “Project Name” first.



6) After that Select “User” or “Users” as per your requirement.



7) Choose “Report Filters”.



8) Now select” Project Fields” which you want in your reports and click “Preview and Download” button present at the top right corner.


9) This is the overview of the selected fields.




10)Export report in PDF, Word and do some change if required.