Enables Users to upload and manage files. File page can be divided into two sections:


1. File Detail

2. File Summary

File Detail

This section is used to add/manage ‘Files’ related to the Project.

To Upload a ‘File’

1) Click ‘Upload’ button on the top right margin of the page.

2) Enter details and select Users from the ‘Privacy’ list.


3) Select ‘Category’ from drop down

4) Click on ‘Select File’ to upload, Wait for the file to get uploaded

5) Click on ‘Save Files’ button to add a file to the Project

Privacy List – Users who would be able to see the File


Manage Files

Files detail page displays:

Filename, uploader’s identity, date of Upload, File management tools.

File Management Tools

1) Like

2) Comment

3) View

4) Download

5) Delete




Enables a user to ‘Like’ a file uploaded by clicking on Like button.




Enables user to Comment on a file that has been uploaded.

Steps to comment on a file:

(a) Click on a comment or on the File name

(b) Enter the comments on uploaded file and click ‘Save and Send’




Enables user to view Uploaded file




Enables user to download Uploaded file on the local system.




Enables user to Delete uploaded the file. Once deleted, it would be completely removed and wouldn’t be visible to any of the Project user.

Note: Privacy list users can perform all operations except delete.


File Summary


This part shows a total number of files Uploaded in a project along with their categories.