A dashboard is a page where you will you get the overall summary of all your projects or any specific project, this page showcase overview of your account.


To choose specific or all projects go to the Drop Down box on the top right side of your dashboard and chose any particular project or all project from the box.



The dashboard is made of Plugins.



These Plugins Contains information such as:


My Task


This section will show the task which is assigned to you.



My Project


This section will show the projects that are assigned to you.



My Milestones


This section will show the milestones which you have to reach.



My Overview


The section will show your overview of performance.



My due today task


The section will show the tasks which will get due Today.



My overdue task


This section will show your overdue task.



My Time log


This section will show the team time log.



My Team Task Due Today


This section will show team tasks that will get due today.



My Team Overdue Tasks


This section contains team tasks which are overdue.



My Team upcoming Tasks


This section contains upcoming team tasks.



My Team Timelogs


This section contains your time log.



Team Task Check-in Status


This section contains team Check-in Status.



These Plugins can be Removed manually by users from a Bulleted icon on the right of Dashboard. To remove the box, you need to turn off the toggle.


To activate any plugin, Turn on toggles your plugin will get activated.